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Uttar Pradesh
Chandni is a 13-year-old girl from Gaya, Bihar who always keeps smiling. Daughter of a daily wage labourer, Chandni hides her pain of being born with a small leg behind her smile. Unable to walk, she was dependent on others to move from one place to another. KIRAN Society, which is working with a vision to ensure all these differently-abled children walk without anyone else's support, provided Chandni with a customize prosthetic leg followed by a training to use it properly. Now she can walk to school on her own. And her smile has become broader & brighter.

KIRAN Society is a Civil Society Organization working towards rehabilitation, education, vocational training and inclusion of children and youth with disabilities in the mainstream since 1994. The organization is headquartered in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and works in 20 districts of North India.

KIRAN’s prosthetics and orthotics professionals are enabling children and persons with disabilities with better quality and customize appliances to improve their movement and increase their self-dependability. Since its foundation, KIRAN has

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