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Zero Hunger
Uttar Pradesh
The recent flash floods have totally devastated the lives of thousands of people in over 20 villages of Jalaun district of Uttar Pradesh. Climate change has hit hard at our own door steps this time with severely drought-prone Jalaun district facing the worst disaster of the decade. The heavy rains and floods have affected over 12000-15000 families whereas crops in over 20,000 acres are totally destroyed.The water level of Yamuna River has risen to 115 meters. Most of the villages are disconnected from the mainland ... read more
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By Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram
Zero Hunger
Madhya Pradesh
Incessant rains and flood are wreaking havoc in Sheopur of Madhya Pradesh, over 5000 displaced families in 120 villages have lost their houses, cattle, and all other belongings. The people of Sheopur were still recovering from the emotional and financial horrors of the second wave of COVID-19 when this unexpected flood hit them. The catastrophe has left them with nothing but water in their eyes and prayers in their heart.Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram’s (MGSA’s) field staff and volunteers are working day and night on t... read more
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By National Skills Foundation of India
Gender Equality
Women Empower ... Women Empowerment
Himachal Pradesh
"We cannot all succeed, when half of us are held back." - Malala YousufsaiIn a country deep-rooted in patriarchy, a vigilant fight for gender equality and empowerment of women, especially from poor families, becomes the need of the hour.The Project Sabal Sakhi has facilitated the women who have impacted measurable changes in Junga over years of operation. It has helped to achieve commendable community development and empowerment of women. The Project has also created a space for solution orientation - for the women... read more
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By Ladakh Environment and Health Organisation LEHO
Affordable and Clean Energy
Jammu & Kashmir
During winters in Ladakh with all the land covered in bright white snow, one could only see snow spread across the horizon. But this eye-pleasing scenery brings a lot of pain to the families of Ladakhi farmers who are solely dependent on agriculture. These farmers are forced to spend all their meagre savings to support their families during the winter with no income sources on sight. Winter in Ladakh brings greater despair for the poor and marginalized with their livelihood destroyed and health affected due to nutr... read more
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By Tarun Bharat Sangh
Good Health and ... Good Health and Well-Being
beneficiaryWomen Empower ...
location Rajasthan
Young Anita is not responsible for the death of her child. She isn’t the one to be blamed.Her child was still-born because she could not get nutritious meals during her pregnancy. Right now, she needs healthy food much more than ever to recuperate and be a strong mother in the near future. When Traun Bharat Sangh gave her a nutritious packet of the Happy Mother’s Kit and explained its benefits, she looked much more assured and couldn't stop smiling.Many women like Anita suffers both mentally and physically due to t... read more
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