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By Tarun Bharat Sangh
Climate Action
Empower young nature enthusiasts by helping them become water warriors through Tarun Bharat Sangh's (TBS) - Aao Nadi ko Jaane Online Course. The course will enable these enthusiasts to bring change in their communities by improving the health and life expectancy of rivers and other water bodies.Rivers have been the foundation of all forms of life on earth and always attracted human civilisation as it provided means of living and ensured water for their animals. We worship rivers but the never ending hunger of men h... read more
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By Badlao Foundation
Quality Education
Underprivileg ... Underprivileged Children
Since from the March’2020 Badlao Foundation is supporting the community to reduce their pain in this pandemic. Still now we have distributed 2000+ Ration kit, 5k+ Hygiene Kit. There are four children in Jamtara Dist., Jharkhand who have lost their parents in this pandemic. Support these children to continue their study.Who we are?Badlao Foundation( is a non-governmental organization working in Santhal Pargana division of Jharkhand state of India. It primarily works with tribals, dalits an... read more
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Quality Education
Underprivileg ... Underprivileged Children
Labour To LearnersTotal Target: INR 360000/- for 30 children for 1 year including education and one square meal.2 out of 3 children drop out or become irregular to schools before completing their elementary level of education in JharkhandThese drop-out girls are being deprived of a fulfilling childhood owing to lack of resources and support. They fear that they may not come up with studies again. They are waiting for the hand which will offer them another chance to redefine their future. Your donation will help the... read more
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Zero Hunger
Uttar Pradesh
India has ranked 101 out of 116 countries in the recently published Global Hunger Index Report. Despite the findings of the report are still being debated and contested, the ground reality of hunger situation in rural areas is quite disturbing. In the generally drought-prone Bundelkhand area, heavy rains and flash flood have wreaked havoc few months ago. With most of the crop and stored grains washed away and homes destroyed, thousands of homeless people do not have anything to eat and many people have fallen sick.... read more
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By Tarun Bharat Sangh
Good Health and ... Good Health and Well-Being
beneficiaryWomen Empower ...
location Rajasthan
Young Anita is not responsible for the death of her child. She isn’t the one to be blamed.Her child was still-born because she could not get nutritious meals during her pregnancy. Right now, she needs healthy food much more than ever to recuperate and be a strong mother in the near future. When Traun Bharat Sangh gave her a nutritious packet of the Happy Mother’s Kit and explained its benefits, she looked much more assured and couldn't stop smiling.Many women like Anita suffers both mentally and physically due to t... read more
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