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By Calcutta Society for Professional Action in Development
Quality Education
Underprivileg ...
West Bengal
The story of Nitai and kids dropping out of school and not attending classes is quite common in the Purulia district of West Bengal. Purulia district has a large population of Tribal and Scheduled Tribes where illiteracy is a major problem.The disadvantaged parents show no interest in sending their kids to school as they feel it is not going to change the future of their children although most of them get their kids enrolled in government schools for various schemes. Even kids do not find the atmosphere in the scho... read more
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By Tarun Bharat Sangh
Good Health and Well-Being
Women Empower ...
Young Anita is not responsible for the death of her child. She isn’t the one to be blamed.Her child was still-born because she could not get nutritious meals during her pregnancy. Right now, she needs healthy food much more than ever to recuperate and be a strong mother in the near future. When Traun Bharat Sangh gave her a nutritious packet of the Happy Mother’s Kit and explained its benefits, she looked much more assured and couldn't stop smiling.Many women like Anita suffers both mentally and physically due to t... read more
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By SEWA Mahila Gram Haat
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Women Empower ...
Since I started working under SEWA Gram Mahila Haat (SGMH) Trust's Rural Distribution (RUDI) network for small and marginal farmers, a lot has changed in me. Now, my younger sister has also joined me as a RUDIBen and together we are taking care of our family. I am financially independent and confidently use ATM and digital payment apps. Salimunben Slimunben and her sister are not the only deprived women whom RUDIhas supported in standing on their feet and becoming financially independent. Over 10000 poverty-stricke... read more
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By Naihati New Life Society
Quality Education
Underprivileg ...
West Bengal
Children in rural areas face numerous challenges to get an education. They often do not live near the school and have to walk for many miles to reach their classes, reducing their study time and leading to poorer results. The situation is especially harsh in the Sundarbans of West Bengal, where children even have to travel on small riverboats to reach their school. Those who cannot keep up with this daily ordeal, drop out without a second chance.Children of single parent suffer the most, they more often than not ha... read more
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By Institute For Integrated Rural Development
sdg_iconZero Hunger
beneficiaryWomen Empower ...
location Maharashtra
In Maharashtra, 9.9% of population is over 60 and out of these, 62% are elderly women with no income and no place to go as per the Status of Elderly in Maharashtra Report, UNFPA 2011. Like Dagdabai Sheikh (75),there are hundreds of older women in Aurangabad who need accommodation, food, clothes and medicine. To ensure proper care to these older people, Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD) has started a community-based care programme through Self Help Groups and Farmers Group. While these groups arrange... read more
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