What are the Sustainable Development Goals?
The Sustainable Development Goals or the SDGs as they are commonly known are a set of targets that have been universally agreed upon by all UN Member states to help end poverty across the world, protect the planet and improve the lives of everyone, everywhere. The SDGs comprise of 17 Goals and were agreed upon in 2015 as a part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, setting out a 15-year timeframe to achieve these targets.
What is India’s role in the SDGs?
India has played an integral role in the development of the SDGs. However, it currently ranks 117/193 on the Sustainable Development Goal Index. While the government has put in place various policies and measures to be able to meet its targets, you have an important role to play. Meeting the SDG target is not a one-man-job. It requires collaboration between individuals, private capital, public sector and social enterprises to contribute to the nation’s development goals leading to growth, profitability and social good.
How is ShareOn contributing to the SDGs?
All campaigns highlighted on ShareOn are linked to a single or multiple SDGs. So irrespective of whether you are engaging with us as an individual, CSO or a corporate, business or philanthropy, you are contributing to the achievement of a particular or multiple SDGs that are being addressed through the causes highlighted on the platform.

As an individual or a corporate or business entity, when you donate to a cause of your choice, your support helps strengthen the program and the campaign.

If you are a CSO, when you share a campaign with us, we align it to the SDG it serves, through which you become an active player in helping India address it’s SDG targets.
What are the SDGs being addressed through ShareOn?
Currently our campaigns highlight the following SDGs:
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