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by Tarun Bharat Sangh
Women Empowerment
Every woman, even the poorest of poor, deserves a happy and healthy pregnancy but not all of us are so lucky. 22-year-old Anita (changed name) gave birth to a still-born child a month ago in Chauriya Khata village of Rajasthan but instead of giving her emotional and mental support many blame her for this tragic incident. ‘She could not carry her baby well, she doesn’t need your nutrition kit,' remarked a village elder as Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS) Team approached Anita’s small mud house to give her the nutritious Happy Mother’s Kit. With your help TBS wishes to ensure that 250 poor women in Rajasthan get a regular supply of much-needed nutritious food items. Give whatever you can.

Young Anita is not responsible for the death of her child. She isn’t the one to be blamed. Her child was still-born because she could not get nutritious meals during her pregnancy. Right now, she needs healthy food much more than ever to recuperate and be a strong mother in the near future. When Traun Bharat Sangh gave her a nutritious packet of the Happy Mother’s Kit and explained its benefits, she looked much more as

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Every woman deserves a happy & healthy pregnancy. Donate so that at least one can become a happy mother
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