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Roshni and Asha are smallholder farmers who live in a village of Junga Gram Panchayat in Himachal Pradesh. They have had a challenging life, like most of the people in their village. Instead of living in hardship they decided to work to move from hardship to ease. With NSFI’s Sabal Sakhi initiative they received skill training and confidence that they can change their lives for the better. With pine needle craft they were trained in, they are both earning their way to financial freedom.

I am a native of Bharech, Junga (Himachal Pradesh), a 42-year-old, who still struggles with the fundamentals of reading and writing, but that did not stop me from venturing out in the world and accomplishing the impossible

-Bimla Devi

Through the Sabal Sakhi program, Bimla Devi learned pine needle craft. She taught this skill to other women in her village. As a result of their collaboration, they made 72,000 ru

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Women in Junga of Himachal Pradesh have decided to stand on their own feet. Support them
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